• Thursday 20 Oct 2016
  • Housing Policies

    Policy Dialogues
    Venue: Room 1 - Cine Alfredo Pareja Casa De La Cultura
    Lead Organization:
    • Habitat For Humanity; International Inter-American Development Bank (IADB).

    Housing in the New Urban Agenda 
     Housing, both in the formal and informal sector, is at the center of key development outcomes, including: poverty reduction, livelihood opportunities, education, crime reduction, and health. At the same time, it contributes to economic growth, addresses energy consumption, and fosters resilience among diverse populations. If we are to tackle the challenges brought on by a rapidly urbanizing global population, housing should be a high priority at all levels of government and development partners. However, Housing needs to be addressed holistically, as a platform that connects and improves the quality of urban life, and as both an integral and integrating element of sound urban development practice and urban policies. Housing relies on a broader enabling environment, investments, financing, resources, as wel as, public and private partnerships to fully foster strength, stability, and self-reliance. This session will explore key challenges surrounding the implementation of sustainable housing strategies, including affordability, inclusivity, accessibility, and financing among others with a wide range of actors and sector representatives. The session will use a variety of interactive techniques and will be divided into three key moments.
    Framing the Key Issues and Challenges: After the topic introduction by the co-chairs, there will an icebreaker/ engagement session introducing a hand held automatic response device for surveying participants with around 5 questions or statements that place the room on the same page or in dispute about some mainstream ideas around housing. This will  end with a keynote speaker (a grassroots woman) who will bring the “Voice of the Community” and set the tone for the following parts of the dialogue:
    ·       Panel 1: Key Housing Strategy Solutions:Panel speakers will provide brief answers to the question: “what are the key housing strategy solutions that can advance implementation of the NUA?” from their own perspectives (National/Local Governments, CSO, foundation, private sector/finance, children/youth or older persons).  This will be followed by reflection and analysis of their responses by housing and other experts, as well as the audience with a key focus on what some of the key gaps are.  
    ·       Panel 2: Moderated High Level Discussion - How Do We Move Forward and What It Means for the Implementation of The New Urban Agenda? Following a brief break, the second session will be a moderated high level discussion by panelists on how we move forward, what it means for the implementation of the New Urban Agenda, and what actions are needed and by whom.
    Guiding Questions
    ·       What are the primary challenges to prioritizing housing and where do we start when implementing the New Urban Agenda?
    ·       How do we address inclusivity and accessibility to serve the needs of all, in particular the most vulnerable?
    ·       How do we ensure housing affordability, including the affordability of related basic services?
    ·       Who is responsible? What are the  roles that different sections/levels of government should play?
    ·       How do we finance and promote investments contributing to sustainable housing strategies?
    ·       Who needs to be at the table and how do we ensure all voices are heard?

    Keywords: Inclusive Housing Housing Finance Secure Tenure Adequate Housing Affordable Housing Slums Participation Accessibility New Urban Agenda