Preparatory Committee

  • 2016
  • 2015
  • 2014

The United Nations General Assembly, in Resolution 67/216, decided to establish a preparatory committee to carry out the preparations for the conference open to all Member States of the United Nations and members of specialized agencies and of the International Atomic Energy Agency. The Preparatory Committee (PrepCom), following the same resolution, had three meetings (PrepComs) before the opening of the conference: PrepCom1, PrepCom2, and PrepCom3.

The Bureau

Following the established United Nations procedures for an inter-governmental conference, the Bureau of the Preparatory Committee was the Member States’ representation for the coordination of the preparatory process towards the Habitat III Conference.

  • María de los Ángeles Duarte (Co-chair, Ecuador)
  • Maryse Gautier (Co-chair, France)
  • Eric Miangar (Chad)
  • Jaime Silva (Chile)
  • Daniela Grabmüllerová (Czech Republic)
  • Tania Roediger-Vorwerk (Germany)
  • Purnomo A. Chandra (Indonesia)
  • Mamadou Mbodj (Senegal)
  • Elena Szolgayova (Slovakia)
  • MajidHasan Al-Suwaidi (United Arab Emirates)