• Wednesday 19 Oct 2016
  • Foundations and Philanthropies Roundtable

    Stakeholders Roundtables
    Venue: Room 1 - Cine Alfredo Pareja Casa De La Cultura

    Innovation and Collaboration: the Role of Philanthropies in the New Urban Agenda

    The role of philanthropic organizations in the promotion of sustainable development worldwide is at the center of the debate. The three global summits that took place in 2015 – on the Third International Conference on Financing for Development, the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit, and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change -- touched upon this issue and, despite the recognition by most actors that the sector might play an important role, there remains very little clarity on what it should be and how it connects to the structuring processes that are being developed/ implemented as part of the global finance architecture that will be necessary to deliver the goals established in those summits. This adds to recent announcements around the creation of new philanthropic organizations that have raised both praise and criticism around the planet.

    Discussing and understanding not only the figures, but also some of the positive experiences and their challenges will surely allow for better coordination, more accountability, and increased efficiency in the use of valuable resources. This is especially important for the implementation of the New Urban Agenda worldwide. 

    The roundtable will build a set of insights and recommendations on the role of philanthropy in sustainable urban development. It will also share commitments towards the implementation of the New Urban Agenda. 

    Objectives of the Roundtable

    • Explore innovative ideas and practices that contribute to its implementation of the New Urban Agenda.
    • Reflect on the role of the philanthropic sector; explain why the sector should care about the New Urban Agenda; how cross-sector partnerships can be most effective; and showcase a variety of innovative tools, processes, and cases which are demonstrating early success.
    • Focus on practical application, monitoring, and implementation.

    Guiding Questions 

    • Why is engaging in the Sustainable Development Goals and the New Urban Agenda important and compelling for foundations?
    • What are the main challenges in financing development and the implementation of the New Urban Agenda?
    • Who are the emerging stakeholders, and what roles can they play in this process of implementing the New Urban Agenda?
    • What are the innovative – and collaborative – experiences that will change this field and enable it to fulfill its role in the Quito Implementation Plan?
    • What role(s) should foundations and philanthropies play in the process? 
    • What would be the enabling conditions for effective collaboration of the philanthropic sector? 
    • What are the main challenges in terms of commitment to impact?
    • What are the most effective and innovative ideas for follow up and monitoring the New Urban Agenda?

    Roundtable Follow Up

    • How do you propose to monitor the outcomes of this session in order to report back on progress at the 9th Session of the World Urban Forum (2018, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)?
    Keywords: Funders Grant-making Sustainable Development Goals Civil Society Best Practices Innovation Financing Foundations Philanthropy Partnerships New Urban Agenda Implementation Stakeholders Major Groups General Assembly Of Partners (GAP)