Marina Klemensiewicz

Under-Secretary Habitat And Human Development Argentina

Marina Klemensiewicz, Political Sciences graduate from Universidad Católica Argentina, has a vast experience in disability inclusion issues. During eight years, she was Director of Fundacion Par, Argentinean nonprofit organization created in 1988 in order to promote work inclusion of disabled for their full insertion on a competitive level.   There, she developed strategic plans for the development of new programs of inclusive education and citizen participation. She was in charge of PR and Institutional Relations and was responsible for managing alliances with private companies, the State and nonprofit organizations, both national and foreign.   Since December 2007 to 2011 she was the President of the Commission for the Full Participation and Inclusion of Disabled People, of the Buenos Aires City Government. In July 2011, she became elected the third MP candidate for Propuesta Republicana (PRO) Political party, role she quitted from in order to take charge as Secretary of Habitat and Inclusion, dependant on the Ministry of Economic Development of the Buenos Aires City Government.

Events with Marina Klemensiewicz :

  • Monday 17 Oct 2016