Intermediate Cities – Cuenca

March 24, 2017

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  • Laura Petrella Leader, City Planning, Extension & Design Unit, UN-Habitat, Nairobi
  • Hermida Carla Teacher and researcher at the School of Architecture of the Universidad del Azuay
  • Dennis Mumo Mwamati Habitat III Secretariat

Intermediate Cities – Cuenca

Urban Dialogue on Intermediate Cities: Urban Growth and Renewal– Cuenca Thematic Meeting

In our rapidly urbanizing world, Intermediate Cities face new challenges in meeting the demands of burgeoning populations and the delivery of public services. Intermediary Cities present different opportunities and challenges than larger metropolises with regards to urban planning, management of basic water and sanitation needs, cultural heritage protection, social integration and economic development. The urban dialogue on Intermediate Cities looked at both the challenges and opportunities Intermediate Cities face in terms of urban growth and renewal.

From 20 October to 6 November 2015, individuals and organizations from around the world had the opportunity to contribute their input with regards to the topic of Intermediate Cities. During this two-week online consultation, participants were encouraged to discuss and debate the role of Intermediate Cities in the sustainable economic, social, cultural and environmental development of ‘secondary’ cities.

Urban Dialogues Summary Outcome and Comments

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