15. The Bamboo House

Sustainable And Affordable Housing

Location: El Ejido Park, near 6 de Diciembre Ave.

The Bamboo House is a permanent exhibition of a bamboo construction in the centre of Quito showing to participants of Habitat III, as well as citizens of Quito, the multiple opportunities of the use of local techniques and materials to build innovative structures creating newer, safer, cleaner and more sustainable urban spaces. The market is plenty of conventional materials and it lacks of standardized local materials, thus examples of sustainable housing initiatives based on local materials are rare. The demonstrative bamboo structure within El Ejido Park will be one of them and will also leave a legacy in the city as the structure will be used after the event by artists and artisans to organize expositions and to protect themselves from rain and sunny days. 

The project is leaded by INBAR, an organization promoting the use of bamboo in construction all over Latin America, and it’s realized with the collaboration of the Bamboo National Roundtable, a platform of individuals, institutions from the public and private sector, producers´ associations, industries and universities and Ecuadorian Ministries.