46. The Edible City

Urban Agriculture

Location: Cristóbal Colón Ave., Juan Rodríguez St., Gabriela Mistral Park, Gabriela Mistral Building, Intiyán College, El Juguetón Sector

The Edible City is a multi-stakeholder initiative aiming at creating bio-culture community gardens and productive public spaces in the neighborhood La Mariscal promoting social cohesion, citizen participation and innovation. The project implements participatory urban agriculture as an engine of social cohesion and a way to promote sustainable development, healthy eating and combating climate change. It includes the using of new knowledge and technologies, as well as ancient cultures and innovative technologies for efficient water management. The public space is a key element of the New Urban Agenda vision and this project is an example of how the Ecuadorian and Latin American cities can advance towards the 11th Sustainable Development Goal by improving public spaces quality and appropriation.