44. Pop - Up Public Space

Public Space

Location: El Ejido Park, near the Centro de Promocion Artistica

The project is a micro-urban intervention/pop-up public space that incorporats temporary urban furniture and a module for public participation with the aim to activate a determined public space and to encourage civic debate about city improvements. The project is based on 2.3x2.3m modules to be combined in many different ways generating public spaces to, relax, read or recreate. It includes different levels of social interaction and dialogues by complementing furniture with a cafe module, structures for projects exhibitions and urban proposals, and computers enabling the access to innovative technological tools, such as Minecraft for participatory design. There will also a model of the neighborhood La Mariscal in order to input discussion on how to improve it. The modules were designed to be located in different spaces of the city and donated to the city of Quito after the Conference.