42. Urban Design Lab

Public Space Mobility And Placemaking

Location: Borja Yerovi Plaza, 9 de Octubre Ave.

The Urban Design Lab is a cross-sectorial two-day participatory workshop, which will include a space for dialogue on post-disaster issues and will culminate in a joint exhibition of the results of the workshop and participatory projects. The Urban Design Lab (UDL) are workshops helping Latin America and the Caribbean’s municipalities to design creative solutions in a context of rapid urbanization offering a platform for dialogue between various stakeholder groups, identifying priority thematic areas of action, and helping in generating proposals for participatory urban design. So far, the Urban Design Labs have been implemented in 17 cities in the region, and contributed to the design of urban interventions and the development of planning tools for these cities. During Habitat III the Urban Design Lab in Quito, aims at implementing this specific methodology of participatory design in the Borja Yerovi Square according with the Metropolitan Institute of Urban Planning (IMPU) objective of creating new centralities in Quito and it is being organized in collaboration with the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Arts (FADA) of the Pontificia Universidad Católica Ecuador (PUCE).