38. The Road to "El Dorado"

Community Driven Placemaking Intervention

Location: El Dorado neighborhood, meeting point: Gran Colombia Ave. and Yaguachi St.

Inspired on the Pre-Hispanic legend about a lost city made of gold, which motivated many explores to travel to unknown lands, the project proposes the idea to discover El Dorado neighborhood by identifying urban renewal potential, as well as the “treasures” of the place with a bottom-up approach in urban planning. The exercise of discovering a place is a stimulating mechanism to discuss how to create a more livable space. It also involves recovering local knowledge, economies and diversity as an asset to empower communities to shape their environment. Camino hacia El Dorado is a community-oriented intervention to show achievements at the reach of organized communities. The project aims at opening the neighborhood up to its own residents, and also to both the city of Quito itself and the international participants of Habitat III, by making the neighborhood enjoyable and more attractive.