34. Vive Alameda

Art And Citizens Participation

Location: La Alameda Park, Gran Colombia Ave. and La Alameda neighbourhood

Vive Alameda worked along with the community in order to identify and evaluate heritage elements within the neighborhood – tangible and intangible – exploring how to transform those elements into tools for urban sustainable development. The results will be shown and shared with Conference’s participants invited to explore the neighborhood discovering the selected elements. With the active collaboration of neighbors and citizens through workshops, interviews, events, and online tools, the project identified ten valuable elements for the community within buildings, monuments, sites, spaces, legends, traditions, stories, and characters. These elements has been further documented, studied, and transformed into tools to strengthen local identity and culture, promoting heritage as an asset for urban socio-economic sustainable development. This pilot replicable project, developed in collaboration with the Metropolitan Institute of Heritage, seeks to empower local communities to decide on what sort of heritage should be preserved and showcased as part of their identity as a community, neighborhood, area or association.