32. WeAppHeroes For SDGs

Innovative Technologies

Location: Centro Cultural Benjamín Carrión (CCBC), Ulpiano Paez St. and Jorge Washington St.

Be an SDG Hero – WeAppHeroes mobile app helps to address the UN Sustainable Development Goals through acts of goodwill between people. It matches those who are looking for help with potential “heroes”, thereby generating trust among strangers and strengthening social cohesion within urban centers. The tool, consisting of a mobile app working with geo-localization, and efficiently connecting people as an additional means to address the SDGs. The project aims to benefit from technology and the sharing economy to contribute to the Agenda 2030 through everyday action. It creates a virtuous circle that aims to improve the social fabric through a new micro-volunteering phenomenon. It has the potential to create new networks of people interested in addressing urban issues in their immediate neighborhood and to connect people for more efficient sharing of resources.