28. Vizcaya Park

Public Space

Location: Barrio La Floresta, Vizcaya St. and Valladolid St, Lugo St. and Guipuzcoa St

The Vizcaya Park is a design developed by the Municipality of Quito for the neighborhood La Floresta. This project aims to provide the district with a high-quality park that will become a familiar space providing leisure and health of neighbors in the area of the city with the lowest average of pro capita green space. Over consolidating approximately 1,000 m2 of green areas and public space, the intervention included the extensions of the sidewalks along the block. The Vizcaya Park bore from the participatory design project #My Street-La Floresta', in order to improve, transform and redistribute the public space of the streets, vehicles and pedestrians. The neighbors supported the recovery of the original features of the neighborhood, in which you could walk in peace and enjoy public space. This project also enhanced neighborhood’s citizens’ participation, mobilization on foot or by bicycle, consolidating the culture of road safety in all areas and decrease traffic accidents.