22. Bridging Formal [IN]Formal

Strategic Architectural Intervention Towards More Inclusive And Sustainable Cities

Location: House under Construction “AlBorde”, Los Rios N11-206 St. y Briceño St.

Bridging Formal [IN]Formal is a joint project of Ecuador and Japan that will showcase examples of architectural micro-interventions to an old house under regeneration process at the edge of the historic center of Quito. The purpose of the intervention is to give sustainable solutions by reusing and recycling construction stocks and to create “built-ecosystem” as a proposal of integrated solutions for both climate change and poverty. During the Habitat III Conference the house will be open to the public and the participants of the Conference. While socio-economic disparity has been widened as well as globalized, the border that separates the rich and the poor or the formal and the informal has been fragmented and scattered inside the city area. Bridging between formal and informal is a great challenge the project is aiming to face with architectural micro-interventions.