13. Scenes of Good Living

Art And Citizens Participation

Location: Fondo de Cultura Economica (FCE), 6 de Diciembre Ave. and Presidente Wilson St.

The project invite organizations, youth movements, students, filmmakers, young artists, citizens between 15 and 24 years old, to attend a workshop of collective production where young people will capture with their own cameras and/or smart phones scenes and images expressing the concept of "Good Living in cities"! The workshop is about finding and reflecting parts of the city and their communities expressing multiculturalism, coexistence, empathy, respect for differences, care for life and all the activities and events happening during the days of HABITAT III in Quito, Ecuador. The last day of the workshop the scenes recorded will be projected on a public wall in the city centre. Once finalized, it will be created a space on Facebook / Instagram / Snapchat to interact with other youth and replicate it in other cities of Latin America. This will also be the legacy of the workshop experience and of what happened in Quito during Habitat III.