12. Ruta de la Experiencia

Art And Citizens Participation

Location: Centro Cultural Benjamín Carrión (CCBC), Ulpiano Paez St. and Jorge Washington St. + La Mariscal neighborhood

The "Ruta de la Experiencia", is a people-friendly route – which runs from the main Conference venue into the neighborhood la Mariscal – showing to participants from all over the word social and physical interventions improving city’s liveability and creating a platform for networking within professionals and citizens. The walk will pass through physical interventions that enhanced social, economic and cultural development of the area. The project aims at leaving a legacy to the area, giving an input to its transformation from a car-oriented street into a pedestrian and cycling-friendly green zone, creating extra space for local entrepreneurs to improve their business environment and stimulating social cohesion and ownership by actively cooperating with local citizens. The Human Cities Coalition is a public-private partnership of similar-minded Dutch organizations from government, NGOs and business to focus on realizing UN Sustainable Development Goal 11 on sustainable cities and communities