Maria del Pilar Tellez Soler

Assessor Of Sustainable Metropolitan Development The Bucaramanga Metropolitan Area Colombia

Metropolitan Consultant for Sustainable Metropolitan Development, and technical consultant of the Association for Metropolitan Areas in Colombia. She is in charge of Metropolitan Planning, directing the Metropolitan development plan, the metropolitan strategic plan for territorial management and the identification of metropolitan facts; She also directs the Metropolitan Observatory, instrument for metropolitan governance and citizen participation; she coordinates the policies and programs about metropolitan culture and she is the author of the programs “I am Metropolitan” and “Innova Metropoli”, that contribute to the metropolitan integration through the cultural transformation for collaborative governance and the contributory participation for the good government. She promotes the positioning on a national level of the Metropolitan Areas as leader entities in the Multilevel Governance and strategic allies for the decentralization and the management optimization of national resources.

Events with Maria del Pilar Tellez Soler:

  • Tuesday 18 Oct 2016