Lucie Leonard

Ministry Of Public Safety As The Chief In The Research Division Of The Community Safety And Countering Crime Branch National Government Canada

Lucie Leonard has been working in Ministry of Public Safety as the Chief in the Research Division, of the Community Safety and Countering Crime Branch. Lucie Léonard is a criminologist and graduated from a master's degree in Criminology from the University of Montreal. She has worked in the areas of criminal justice and crime prevention during the past 20 years, working for the city and the police department in Montreal, the International Centre for the Prevention of Crime and University-based research centres and the federal government (Justice Canada, Public Safety Canada).  Over the years, she has been involved in the development and implementation of various local, national and international initiatives designed to inform crime prevention and community safety, such as geocoding, self-report delinquency and victimization surveys and in the overall  development and implementation of the new directions of a National Strategy on Crime Prevention (2000-2016) focused on implementing more evidence-based approach to crime prevention in Canada.  She was involved as well in the development of the 2002 Guidelines on Crime Prevention adopted  by the United Nations and related tool for planning and delivering effective crime prevention,  as the Local Safety Audits tool developed with the support and advice of Canada.

Events with Lucie Leonard:

  • Wednesday 19 Oct 2016