• Monday 17 Oct 2016
  • Urban-Rural Linkages in Support to the New Urban Agenda

    Urban Library
    Venue: Urban Library
    Lead Organization:
    • United Nations Center For Regional Development (UNCRD).
    Partner Organizations:
    • IFAD; Food And Agriculture Organization (FAO),
    • Urban Planning And Design Branch,
    • UN-Habitat; Strategy And Knowledge Department.

    Wider dissemination of the information regarding RDD vol. 35, "Urban-rural linkages in support to the New Urban Agenda" and encourage dialogue around the key concepts and key findings for the journal issue. Highlight the relevance and rationale of urban-rural linkages and regional and territorial approaches in promoting sustainable urbanization. Highlight relevant policies and tools, including city-region food systems and integrated regional development planning. And build a coalition/partnership of actors to strengthen urban-rural linkages and operationalize regional development approach.   This event will attempt to go beyond highlighting key tools or concepts, which are found in the New Urban Agenda, but rather will work to connect them. Through the presentation of the papers in the Journal and other effective tools and policies, the session will attempt to connect how Urban-Rural Linkages can promote sustainable urbanization, rural urbanization and rural transformation and provide a more integrated approach to the implementation of the New Urban Agenda.