• Thursday 20 Oct 2016
  • UN-Habitat Global State of Urban Youth Report- 2015/2016

    Urban Library
    Venue: Urban Library

    At the event, the latest UN-Habitat Global State of Urban Youth Report jointly published by UN-Habitat, Action Aid International with contributions from youth organizations and the private sector organizations including Coca-Cola will be launched. The event will be a moderated panel discussion involving distinguished researchers, youth development specialists and representatives from the private sector and youth serving organization. The event will provide the audience with the opportunity to discuss the findings with various experts and the authors of the Reports  a) The event shall provide a platform to present and disseminate the findings and analysis of the UN-Habitat’s Global State of Urban Youth Report 2015/16, amongst youth policy makers, academics, government representatives and civil society groups b) To examine the extent to which the benefits accruing from the policies and institutions that promote prosperity of cities are equitably distributed amongst the young men and women. c) To understand the root causes of inequities experienced by urban youth especially those from informal settlements; as our review shows, there are several dimensions namely: social, economic, political/Governance, cultural and environmental.
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