• Tuesday 18 Oct 2016
  • The Lancet Series on Urban Design, Transport and Population Health

    Urban Library
    Venue: Urban Library
    Lead Organization:
    • The University Of Melbourne.

    Major global health challenges are being confronted in the 21st century, prompting calls to re-think approaches to disease prevention. City planning that reduces non-communicable diseases and road trauma, while managing rapid urbanisation is part of the solution. The recently-launched Lancet series on Urban Design, Transport and Population Health, focuses on the health impacts of city planning through transport mode options and choices. Authored by researchers around the world, the three papers unravel the complexity of urban design, the transport system and population health and provide a paradigm shift in our approach to responding to the growing burden of chronic disease and injury in our cities. The series offers key recommendations that urban and transport planners and policymakers could implement to improve the health of urban populations.   At this event, researchers involved in The Lancet series will provide an outline of the three research papers on urban design, transport and health and the Lancet Series will be available in the Library for attendees.