• Wednesday 19 Oct 2016
  • The EU Contribution To Quito Implementation Plan

    Urban Stage
    Venue: Urban Stage

    ·       Delivering the New Urban Agenda through the Urban Agenda for the EU The New Urban Agenda and the Urban Agenda for the EU share the same vision for a balanced, sustainable and integrated urban development. The Urban Agenda for the EU was designed for cities to have their say in policy-making. With its 12 priority themes, its multi-level governance and its focus on peer-learning, the Urban Agenda for the EU contributes to the implementation of the New Urban Agenda on EU territory, and in partnership with urban stakeholders – not only cities, but also businesses, NGOs' and representatives from Member States and EU institutions. Action plans for the 12 priority themes are being drafted. They should include policy recommendations and good practices and projects to be transferred and scaled-up in the EU.
    ·       Developing a global, harmonised definition of cities To better compare data, benchmark and monitor, a common definition of cities should be used across the globe. In partnership with the OECD, the EU will develop such a definition, relying on the EU-OECD definition of cities, based on population size and density and the EU degree of urbanisation. An online database will be developed, as well as a global list of cities and their main features. A proposal for a global definition of cities will eventually be submitted to the United Nations.
    ·       Fostering cooperation between cities in the field of sustainable urban development Drawing on the solid approach of the EU-funded URBACT network and on the methodology of the EU's International Urban Cooperation (IUC) programme, cities across the world will be encouraged to link up with one or more partner cities to develop and implement local action plans and projects on common priorities – access to water, transport systems, health or housing. Business partners should be closely associated in the drafting and implementation of these actions plans.