• Monday 17 Oct 2016
  • Parliamentarians Roundtable

    Stakeholders Roundtables
    Venue: Room 17 Casa De La Cultura

    Parliamentarians for the New Urban Agenda

    This is a panel that dedicated for the parliamentarians of the world to debate the importance of developing a legal framework in each country in order to meet the commitments that will come out from that Habitat III Conference.

    The Roundtable session would begin with the speech of the President of the GPH laying out the objectives and expectations from the Roundtable and setting the tone of the discussion for the session. There would be a maximum of 10 speakers representing different regions of the world, with each speaker discussing the region he or she represents in relation to the areas indicated in the key interrogatives section. There will be a moderated question and answer session at the end of the Roundtable in which attendees and parliamentarians are encourage to participate and interact.  

    Guiding Questions

    • What are the urban laws and regulations necessary to provide quality of life beyond the mere provision of infrastructure and services?
    • What should be done to empower the parliamentarians so that they are able to boost international commitments such as those made in the Habitat III Conference?
    • What has been done in your country towards providing equitable access to physical and social infrastructure?
    • What kind of laws exist in your country to promote social cohesion and to make public spaces safer, and what can you do in order to create or reform those laws so that they are in harmony with the commitments that will come out from the Roundtable and the Conference?  
    • What is the vision of your Congress on promoting gender equality, diversity, and multicultural societies?
    • How can the parliamentarians participate more actively in the United Nations as important stakeholders in the implementation of the New Urban Agenda, given their objectives around the globe?  

    Roundtable Follow Up

    How do you propose to monitor the outcomes of this session in order to report back on progress at the 9th Session of the World Urban Forum (2018, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) ?

    Keywords: General Assembly Of Partners Governance Social Cohesion Parliamentarians Quality Of Life Urban Laws Gender Equality Partnerships New Urban Agenda Implementation