• Monday 17 Oct 2016
  • National Housing Profile Series

    Urban Library
    Venue: Urban Library
    Lead Organization:
    • United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN- Habitat).
    Partner Organizations:
    • Afghanistan And Guyana,
    • El Salvador,
    • Ghana,
    • Governments Of: Lesotho,
    • Liberia,
    • Governments Of: Lesotho.

    The National Housing Profile Series are one of the most successful practical tools for housing policy making which have been conducted in more than fifteen countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia since 2010. A Housing Profile is the first step within the overall framework of UN-Habitat Global Housing Strategy which aims to reposition Housing at the Centre of national and urban development, as an imperative for a future of economic, environmental, cultural and socially inclusive cities. Housing profiles have been published in Lesotho, El Salvador, Ghana, Nepal and Liberia (amongst many others); with the aim of this slot at the urban library to show-case the upcoming publications of Housing Profiles in Afghanistan and Guyana in 2016. These Housing profile are essential for the adequate understanding of the urban environment and are crucial in drafting any national urban policy as they bring a holistic depiction of the factors influencing housing provision in the country - from housing finance, land and construction to institutional, regulatory and cultural settings.  Attendees interesting in urban related publications will profit from the knowledge behind the Housing Profile from UN-Habitat, as it is a fundamental tool in influencing the development of sustainable and inclusive urban and housing development strategies as well as to contribute to poverty reduction efforts. During HIII, the steps undertake by countries in improving access to adequate housing will sum up to the efforts of UN-Habitat and partners at the global level to reposition Housing at the Centre of the new Urban Agenda for the 21st century.