• Thursday 20 Oct 2016
  • Local Economic Development in the New Urban Agenda

    Urban Library
    Venue: Urban Library
    Lead Organization:
    • Fondo Andaluz De Municipios Para La Solidaridad Internacional (FAMSI).
    Partner Organizations:
    • Former UN Special Rapporteur On Adequate Housing; Carlos Macías,
    • Habitat International Coalition; Global Platform For The Right To The City; Miloon Kothari,
    • Representative Of The Plataforma De Afectados Por La Hipoteca.

    The New Urban Agenda (NUA) will figure prominently in the work of civil society housing organizations and local governments for many years to come. With much of Habitat III focused on the specific details of the outcome document, it is important to remain attentive to the work that will come after—when civil society will be tasked with implementing and monitoring progress of various components of the NUA. How should we assess the NUA and, more broadly, the Habitat III process? How can civil society successfully combine the NUA’s prescriptions with a progressive “right to the city” framework that assists in reducing inadequate housing while promoting a forward-looking vision for a city where decisions are made democratically and based on the human rights needs of all its inhabitants?  This networking event will bring together prominent housing networks and local government organizations and actors from different parts of the world to discuss regional housing contexts and possibilities for concrete collaborations based on the above. It will also serve as a sort of closing circle to the week’s events, as well as a transitional space toward all the work that lies ahead.