Teanna Ducharme

Aboriginal Intern / Indigenous Youth Activist Government Of BC-Ministry Of Children And Family Development Nisga’a Nation Canada

My name is Aygadim Majagalee and my English name is Teanna Ducharme. I come from the Nisga’a village of Gitwinksihlkw along the mighty Nass River in Northern British Columbia. I am of the Ganada- Frog clan, proudly representing the family of Axdii Wil Luugooda. After our 113 year journey to sovereignty, my people achieved the first modern day treaty in BC, resulting in what is now known as the Nisga’a Final Agreement. This was a landmark decision in Canada, establishing that Aboriginal title to land and resources exists within Canadian law. That is why I am here, to exercise my sovereignty and to represent my people and my land. I have the great honour of representing my Indigenous brothers and sisters of North America in the United Nations Global Indigenous Youth Caucus and with their mentorship and guidance, I am able to stand up and be a strong leader our people. Currently, I work at the Government of BC’s Ministry of Children and Family Development, working to strengthen Indigenous cultural competency within the Ministry and to build meaningful, inclusive and supportive connections between Indigenous peoples and the overall organization. I am honoured to bring the collective voice of all those who stand beside me and contribute to our shared journey to global sustainable development.

Events with Teanna Ducharme:

  • Wednesday 19 Oct 2016