Riya Rahiman

Research Associate The Energy And Resources Institute (TERI) India

Ms. Riya Rahiman, a Research Associate with The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) is an urban environmental planner and civil engineer by qualification. At TERI in the Centre for Research in Sustainable Urban Development and Transport Systems, she is consistently engaged in research on urbanization challenges with respect to climate change resilience, urban planning and sustainable development. Her recent engagements have focused on mainstreaming urban climate resilience into the development planning framework for cities in India, planning for climate resilient cities and development of climate resilient highways. In her latest endeavor, she was engaged in state level policy research and engagement on urban climate resilience, to support state governments for initiating an urban climate resilience policy for 2 states in India. She was involved with the development of the smart city proposal for Dharmashala city, under Government of India’s 100 Smart Cities Mission. She was also part of the team that designed and conducted the capacity building and training programs on building urban climate resilience for policy makers, city level officials, urban practitioners young research professionals and students.

Events with Riya Rahiman:

  • Saturday 15 Oct 2016