Lucy Stevens

Senior Policy Adviser Practical Action United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Lucy Stevens is Practical Action’s Senior Policy Adviser for our work on Urban Water, Sanitation and Waste Management. Practical Action is a UK-based NGO with a long history of working with urban slum dwellers to raise their voices with local authorities. We support them to gain access in appropriate and affordable ways to the essential services they need, and use this as an entry point for further empowerment. Lucy has worked at both programmatic and policy levels with Practical Action since 2002 in our programmes in Africa and South Asia. She currently leads our policy and influencing work, along with gathering the evidence to support our messaging. Some of our key current work focuses on urban sanitation in particular around faecal sludge management, and community-led total sanitation approaches in urban slums. Lucy has a background in geography and development studies with a PhD from Oxford University focusing on urban slum upgrading programmes in South Africa.

Events with Lucy Stevens:

  • Tuesday 18 Oct 2016