Eleanor Blomstrom

Co-Director / Head Of Office Women’s Environment And Development Organization United States of America

Eleanor Blomstrom is Co-Director and Head of Office at the Women’s Environment & Development Organization (WEDO), based in New York. With a women’s human rights and justice lens, her focus is on sustainable development, climate change and urbanization, incorporating research, capacity building, and global-level advocacy at multiple UN fora, including the UNFCCC and 2030 sustainable development agenda. She supports WEDO’s long-standing role of facilitating space for women’s organizing and action as co-lead of the Women’s Major Groups for Sustainable Development and for Disaster Risk Reduction. Eleanor also manages partnerships, oversees finance and administration and works with staff in strategic development, implementation and monitoring of WEDO programs. Prior to WEDO, she worked on a range of climate change projects and in bilingual elementary education with a focus on race and gender equity in public schools. She holds a Master of International Affairs in Urban and Environmental Policy and a Bachelors degree in Environmental Science.

Events with Eleanor Blomstrom:

  • Saturday 15 Oct 2016