• Monday 17 Oct 2016
  • Women and the Cities: Theories and Practices for New Visions

    Side Events
    Venue: R12
    Lead Organization:
    • URBANIMA LUPT University Of Naples Federico II.
    Partner Organizations:
    • Huairou Commission,
    • INVIHAB University Of Cordoba,
    • Gender Hub Of UN‐Habitat,
    • Gender Unit Of UN‐Habitat,
    • AFEM,
    • TRIA International Journal,
    • GenderSTE COST.

    The event “Women and the cities: theories and practices for new visions” aims to show the researches’ lines implemented by women, which innovate the vision for new gender oriented urban planning and to present a special issue of TRIA, that has been completely dedicated to the gender issues within HABITAT III. TRIA is an International Journal focused on the themes of territorial planning and urban design. It is published by University of Naples Federico II and the special issue has been realized in collaboration with the Cordoba University and has gathered also articles from PhDs who belong to the Gender Hub of UN‐Habitat. The event will provide new perspectives at scientific and research level about the geneder oritented urban planning. Indeed, the event will both promote a debate on the new vision of gender oriented urban planning, and present the new issue of TRIA called: "Towards Habitat III. A gender perspective". The added value of the event will base on the new and innovative perspectives and the new research lines for a new gender oriented urban planning, basing on the following topics: housing policies; urban spatial strategy; landmark and segregation; right to the city and the city for all; safer city