• Thursday 20 Oct 2016
  • Urban Sustainability Management

    Side Events
    Venue: R2
    Lead Organization:
    • International Federation Of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) International Organization For Standardization (AFNOR).
    Partner Organizations:
    • ICLEI (Local Governments For Sustainability),
    • IFHP (International Federation Of Housing And Planning,
    • IFLA (International Federation Of Landscape Architects),
    • IWA (International Water Association),
    • The International Society Of City And Regional Planners (ISOCARP).

    Experimenting with strategic and integrated urban and territorial planning and management at the local level with the support of the new ISO standards for “Sustainable Development in Cities and Communities” INTRODUCTION of worldwide experiences by consulting engineers: - “Rethink Cities white paper, - “ABC for sustainable cities” Joint UNEP; UN HABITAT and FIDIC, publication dated March 2016. PRESENTATION of new ISO standards for sustainable cities and communities: - Urban management systems for sustainable development in communities (ISO 37101 publication 13th of July 2016) o Following a multi-actor and multi-disciplinary approach o Providing both a management system and precise guidelines o Defining transversal purposes and issues - ISO 37.101 as the cornerstone of a set of consistent standards for sustainable cities and communities o indicators defined in ISO 37120 (under revision) in line with ISO 37101. They provide a uniform approach: § to what is measured, § how that measurement is to be undertaken. o Other standardized documents on connected issues as smart urban infrastructures. ROUNDTABLE AND NETWORKING on new ISO standards for “Sustainable development in Cities and communities”, as support for implementing an integrated and holistic approach of urban management systems, in line with basic principles of UN Sustainable Development Goals and the New Urban Agenda. Other partners to be identified will be invited to contribute to: - Implementation of practical guidelines ("How to") for use by decision-makers and managers when establishing a sustainability policy in their city based on local political, administrative, socioeconomic and legal settings. - Experimentation plan of these new ISO standards involving cities, communities or other organizations. One of the aims of the side event is to recruit other potential participants.