• Monday 17 Oct 2016
  • Urban Regeneration and Collaborative Governance in the City of Tehran

    Side Events
    Venue: R5
    Lead Organization:
    • Municipality Of Tehran.
    Partner Organizations:
    • Asian Mayors Forum (AMF),
    • International City Leaders (ICL),
    • Metropolis,
    • Municipality Of Tehran,
    • Science And Research Centers Of Iran,
    • UCLG-Mewa,
    • Universities,
    • World Assembly Of Islamic Cities (WAIC).

    In the recent decade, Tehran has witnessed extensive evolution in different urban areas particularly in development of city infrastructures and services. The high speed of growth and urban development such as public transportation, green spaces, information and communication technologies, waste management, social and cultural services and also improvement and promotion of quality of citizen's life has been appreciated by main important international and professional entities. Recently Tehran ranked "The First" among the cities of the world for the fast improvement of urban life quality by Economist institute. Therefore in this Networking event the efforts will be made to analyze Tehran urban evolution during the recent decade in theory and practice and to share Tehran experiences with the cities which are interested in knowledge sharing and collaboration.