• Thursday 20 Oct 2016
  • Urban Planning for City Leaders

    Training Events
    Venue: R6
    Lead Organization:
    • United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN- Habitat).
    Partner Organization:
    • CityNet.

    The training is based on UN-habitat’s unique publication “Urban Planning for City Leaders” which has been designed to fill the gap between the technical and the policy dimensions of urban planning and to help local leaders to better communicate with their planning departments and ask the right questions. The proposed training event offers practical advice and insight into how leaders around the world can succeed in leveraging capacities and know-how from communities, professionals and the private sector in tackling pressing urban development needs. This training gets urban actors asking the right questions about land use in their city, bridges the technical and policy dimensions of urban planning, and emphasizes a people-centered approach to decision making.

    Facilitator: Sayel Cortes
    Opening Session
    Welcome speech by Laura Petrella from UN-Habitat

    Presenter. Yuka Terada
    Urban Planning: Why and How City Leaders Should Act?
    Planning challenges in developing economies
    Reasons for planning

    Facilitator: Sayel Cortes
    Roundtable Discussion and Group Presentations
    Identify key challenges related to sustainable urban development in developing countries
    Key recommendations for improving plans, legislative framework and financial framework for integrated urban development
    Group presentation

    Presenter: Salvatore Fundaro
    Sustainable Urban Development for 21st Century’s Cities
    20st Century vs. 21st Century urban model
    Different urban patterns to best serve your city

    Presenter: Gianluca Crispi
    Governance and Legislation for Plan Implementation
    Importance of legislation for plan implementation
    Role of planning legislation in solving planning challenges

    Presenter. Yoel Siegel
    Financing for Integrated Urban Development
    Importance of partnership development

    Facilitator: Sayel Cortes" "Overall Outcomes
    Key recommendations from the participants
    Impressions from the participants"

    Facilitator: Sayel Cortes" "Summarizing key issues of the training

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