• Wednesday 19 Oct 2016
  • Transformative Technologies Towards People-Oriented Urban Transport – A Discussion of Mayors and Transit Companies

    Side Events
    Venue: R10
    Lead Organization:
    • Empresa Pública Metropolitana Metro De Quito (EPMMQ).
    Partner Organizations:
    • World Bank,
    • Municipio Del Distrito Metropolitano De Quito,
    • Instituto Metropolitano De Planificación Urbana,
    • (IMPU),
    • Compact Of Mayors,
    • Habitat III.

    People-oriented urban transport means: accessibility, cost-effectiveness, efficiency, safety and environmental sustainability. Many cities, including Quito, are starting to grasp the power of new technologies to transform urban transport and to make it more people-oriented. During this side event, we will discover a number of city initiatives, from developed, developing and least-developing countries, that are technologybased and are revolutionizing people’s transport experience. We will also delve into a few of these IT tools.