• Tuesday 18 Oct 2016
  • The World Cities Day Forum 2016

    Networking Events
    Venue: R8
    Lead Organization:
    • UN-Habitat.
    Partner Organizations:
    • Ministry Of Housing And Urban-Rural Development Of The People’s Republic Of China,
    • Shanghai Municipal People’s Government.

    In 2013, in order to draw the international community’s attention to global urbanization, United Nations has designated every October 31 since 2014 as World Cities Day(WCD) by GA resolution . The general theme of WCD is Better City, Better Life, which was the legacy of Shanghai Expo 2010. While an annual theme with different focus shall be promoted accordingly. Cities are encouraged to organize activities to celebrate WCD every year worldwide. As a flagship activity, the World Cities Day Theme Forum provides a platform for all stakeholders to discuss sustainable urban development and to share their experiences in dealing with urban challenges. This year, THE WORLD CITIES DAY THEME FORUM COMES TO QUITO! The Forum aims to promote WCD activities globally. The theme of this Year is SHARING INCLUSIVE CITIES, which reveals the important path and ultimate goals in pursuing sustainable urban development. Moreover, the theme conforms to the fundamental value of Inclusive Targets highlighted in the New Urban Agenda and 2030 Agenda . Additionally, one of the important programs will be the global launching ceremony for the SHANGHAI MANUAL·2016– A Guide for Sustainable Urban Development of the 21st Century, which will be followed by a panel discussion between authors and case providers. During the Forum, the highlights of the Shanghai Manual will be introduced and presented including some of the best practice cases selected from all around the world . The topics of the Forum are listed as follows: • Social Integration and Inclusive Cities • Economic Development and Innovative Cities • Green Low-Carbon and Resilient Cities • Cultural Heritage and Creative Cities • Public Services and Liveable Cities