• Monday 17 Oct 2016
  • The Role of Philanthropy in the New Urban Agenda

    Side Events
    Venue: R4
    Lead Organization:
    • European Foundation Centre.

    Foundations have the attributes and assets – independence, longterm view, appetite for risk and flexibility – to support the processes, capacities and innovations, both at the local level and across geographic boundaries, that are essential to building a more inclusive, equitable and sustainable urban future. Whether they are place-based funders, or international players, foundations have a strong footprint in cities – these represent key spaces for philanthropic investments, impact and innovation across all spheres of life towards advancing well-being. Foundations and collaborating partners have the ability to bridge gaps and create safe environments for collaboration where it is strongly needed and not yet in place in order to develop cities for the common good. The sessions will be framed around the following questions: · What is the specific and niche role that foundations can play in the implementation of the new urban agenda? · How can we convince and support foundations to join efforts with other stakeholders to work towards a shared vision, which is the new urban agenda?