• Tuesday 18 Oct 2016
  • The Rental Sector in the Developing World: Good Practice in Promoting Affordable Housing

    Side Events
    Venue: R20
    Lead Organization:
    • Community Housing Limited.
    Partner Organization:
    • UN-Habitat.

    The objectives of the session are as follows:
    - Discuss current problems in the provision of rental housing in the developing world and the impact of current arrangements on poor and disadvantaged groups;
    - Demonstrate rental housing as a sustainable form of affordable housing;
    - Promote the development of well-regulated and operated rental housing;
    - Provide platforms for dialogue on rental housing with a focus on strategic implementation of rental sector development.
    The discussion from public, private and civil society speakers will focus on:
    - Tenure security, informal landlords and disadvantaged groups;
    - Policy, legislative and regulatory frameworks, rental policy and legislation to encourage the development of an affordable rental housing sector;
    - Good practice in improved delivery of rental housing through community housing models; organized and accountable systems for volume and small scale management;
    - Components of effective management such as selection and allocation of tenancies, rental collection mechanisms, subsidy allocation, tenure security and property repossession, maintenance of the stock and asset management as well as governance and business systems. capital and financing structures for both large and small scale providers);
    - Conversion of existing subsidy systems to encourage rental housing as a viable option. Including rental housing as part of disaster management strategies.