• Sunday 16 Oct 2016
  • The Implementation of the New Urban Agenda in Latin America: The Human Rights of Groups in Focus

    One UN Pavilion
    Venue: One UN Pavilion - Room B
    Lead Organization:
    • Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR).

    This event is organized by OHCHR’s Regional Office for South America and will bring perspectives from different groups within the region. The side-event will discuss the importance of adopting comprehensive human rights-based approach policies that not only put people at its center but create an environment in which all groups of the population, and in particular marginalized and vulnerable groups, are able to claim their rights and meaningfully participate in the implementation of the New Urban Agenda, an agenda that aims at leaving no one behind. In this context, this side event aims at including the voices of marginalized and vulnerable groups in the implementation of the New Urban Agenda in Latin America and to trigger a discussion on the diverse challenges faced by them, and in particular on how a human rights approach can be an important instrument to overcome those challenges. The event also aims at identifying concrete recommendations for an effective, inclusive and integrated implementation of the New Urban Agenda at the national, regional and international level.