• Tuesday 18 Oct 2016
  • The Global Human Settlement Layer Framework. New, Open and Free Tools for Detailed Assessment of the Human Presence in the Planet

    Side Events
    Venue: R14
    Lead Organization:
    • University Of Pennsylvania Institute For Urban Research.
    Partner Organizations:
    • European Commission,
    • University Of Pennsylvania Institute For Urban Research,
    • Martino Pesaresi,
    • Scientific Officer European Commission,
    • Joint Research Centre,
    • Lewis Dijkstra,
    • Deputy Head,
    • Economic Analysis Unit,
    • Directorate-General For Regional And Urban Policy,
    • Guo Huadong,
    • Director,
    • Institute Of Remote Sensing And Digital Earth (CAS-RADI),
    • Chinese Academy Of Sciences,
    • Leila Fonseca,
    • Head,
    • Earth Observation General Coordination,
    • INPE – Instituto Nacional De Pesquisas Espaciais,
    • Jane Olwoch,
    • Managing Director,
    • Earth Observation Directorate,
    • South African National Space Agency (SANSA),
    • Eugenie L. Birch,
    • Nussdorf Professor And Co-Director,
    • University Of Pennsylvania Institute For Urban Research.

    The speakers will discuss the GEO Human Planet Initiative that encompasses the Global Human Settlements Layer, a new, free, remote sensing tool supported by the European Commission, DG Joint Research Centre, DG for Regional and Urban Policy. They will provide detailed information on access to the dataset and demonstrate its use for monitoring the implementation of the New Urban Agenda and other international frameworks, including the SDGs, Sendai Framework and Paris Agreement. The session will conclude with the launch of The Human Planet Atlas edited by Martino Pesaresi, Michele Melchiorri, Thomas Kemper.