• Tuesday 18 Oct 2016
  • The Challenge of Human Capital in Local Governments. Time to Act Is Now for the New Urban Agenda

    Side Events
    Venue: R2
    Lead Organization:
    • United Cities And Local Governments Of Africa (UCLG-A).
    Partner Organizations:
    • (AAPAM); Institute Of Housing Studies (IHS) In The University Of Erasmus Of Rotterdam.,
    • Addis Ababa; Institute For Local Governments Studies (ILGS) In Accra,
    • Ghana; Centre International De Formation Des Authorities Local (CIFAL); Al Khawayne University Of Ifrane And The International University Of Rabat (UIR),
    • Morocco. Other Supporting Institutions: Cities Alliance African Association For Public Administration And Management,
    • South Africa; The Ethiopian Civil Service University,
    • The Municipal Institute Of Learning (MILE) Durban.

    Numerous initiatives have been taken in terms of institutional capacity building for local communities by the various governments, including
    with the support of development partners. However these initiatives have so far not yielded satisfactory results. This is why UCLG-A setup in 2015 a virtual university-level Academy for the training and development of communal executives within their jobs and responsibilities. The African Local Government Academy will address the challenge of professionalism of leaders and practitioners from local government to effectively manage the challenges of urbanization and Local Governments of Africa. The program will include the development and implementation of an accreditation system for continued education for professionals of local governments in partnership with academic and research institutions.
    This side event focuses on the challenge of human capital in local governments and will present the operationalization of ALGA and the
    progress made so far as regards the development and implementation of the ALGA Agenda The event will look at how to strengthen key partnerships with the members of the academia, local authorities, and donors and also how to identify, negotiate with new partners. The event will highlight issues relating to the importance of stimulating research for innovative educational solutions adapted to the continental dimension of the ALGA agenda and its diverse target audiences. Real cases from across the continent on the challenges and approaches in addressing issues in human capital in local governments will be showcased. Panel discussions will focus on supervision of the process of certification and accreditation of partner training organizations; and overseeing the establishment of an observatory of occupations within local governments in order to be able to anticipate and prepare the foreseeable developments of these professions. The audience will be given opportunity to ask questions related to the presentations and discussions.