• Monday 17 Oct 2016
  • Tehran International Award

    Side Events
    Venue: R2
    Lead Organization:
    • Tehran Urban Planning And Research Center (tuprc).
    Partner Organization:
    • Tehran Municipality.

    In order to providing an effort to advance on the implementation of sustainable urban development in scheme of better urban and spatial planning and design, Tehran Municipality are holding two events for several years. These events are including 1- Tehran International Award and 2- Professional Techno-Market of Urban Management. The discipline of urban and spatial planning is underrepresented in Iran, therefor Tehran International Award aimed to introduce urban related studies to the public and private sector and to the Tehran Municipality staff by reflecting critically on the current dynamics in the field of urban planning and management and to explore the various practical and theoretical challenges of contemporary urban research. So in the 8th Tehran International Award (2015), more than 6500 entries from 30 countries has been received, analyzed and distributed amongst different deputy of the Tehran Municipality. Another challenge of delivering integrated and well-connected urban planning system and use of urban innovations and creativities for better urban life in Tehran is the gap between knowledge based companies and different parts of Tehran Municipality. Professional Techno-Market of Urban Management tasked to bridge this gap. Mediating more than 2100 memorandum of understanding between knowledge based companies and Tehran Municipality is the main output of holding two Professional Techno-Market of Urban Management by TUPRC. Implementing Local Economic Development principle, use of modern urban technologies and growth in productivity ratio of Tehran Municipality are only some outcomes of the Techno-Market. Both event respect inclusiveness in terms participation of stakeholders namely governmental bodies, academia and NGOs. Tehran International Award have special attention to the South-South Cooperation and participation of Least Developed Countries.