• Tuesday 18 Oct 2016
  • Sustainable Urban Transport in Support of Action on Equity and Poverty

    Side Events
    Venue: R10
    Lead Organization:
    • Partnership On Sustainable Low Carbon Transport (SLoCaT).
    Partner Organizations:
    • Development Bank Of Latin America (CAF),
    • Ford Foundation,
    • Development Bank Of Latin America (CAF),
    • Hewlett Foundation.

    This side event will present and discuss the results of a new analysis of the role of urban mobility in tacking urban inequality and poverty, particularly in less developed countries. The work addresses inter alia the equity impact of current methodologies and approaches to improving urban mobility. Taking advantage of the broad range of stakeholders in Quito, the event will debate the necessary steps to increase the impact of sustainable transport investments on urban equity and poverty.
    Billions of dollars in international finance will be invested in new transport infrastructure and services over the coming years; however, it is not well understood to what extent these mobility investments will benefit and/or disenfranchise poor and disadvantaged populations. The event will explore ways to better align transport investments to address crucial cross cutting urban issues on poverty and equity, to strengthen linkages between the New Urban Agenda (NUA) and the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and to expand synergies among the SDG, UNFCCC and Habitat III processes, particularly in less developed countries.
    This seminar will directly contribute to improving understanding on how to maximise transport’s broad contribution to sustainable urban development and the efficient delivery of the NUA.