• Monday 17 Oct 2016
  • Strengthening governance and planning models from Integrated Strategic Urban Development Plans in Kenya

    Networking Events
    Venue: R6
    Lead Organization:
    • Strengthening Governance And Planning Models From Integrated Strategic Urban Development Plans In Kenya.
    Partner Organization:
    • The State Department Of Housing And Urban Development – Urban Development The Council Of Governors (CoG) The Urban Planning And Design Branch Of UN-Habitat And The Civil Society Urban Development Platform.

    The event aims at inviting and sharing with a global audience, the experiences of managing inclusive Urban Planning processes in Kenya leading to the formulation of the first generation of Integrated Strategic Urban Development Plans (ISUDPs), within a recently devolved government system. Under this framework, the two levels of governments: National and County levels are charged with various functions of policy, urban and regional planning and development. Citizens mandate in Planning is legitimized through a number of legislative instruments and freely exercised through a new found relationship with government that is consistent with the new Urban Agenda principal of 'leaving no one behind'. The ISUDPs formulated under the Kenya Municipal Program (KMP) are a product of 'citizen centered planning'. Further, the event will share and disseminate outcomes from an International Collaborative Student Design Competition that featured the cities and towns under KMP. Through highlighting the paradigm shift in urban planning in Kenya, the event will illustrate the current challenges and opportunities, trends and future perspectives of sustainable urbanisation in Kenya in line with New Urban Agenda vision of cities for all, and will also facilitate dialogue among Policy Makers, Professionals, Development Partners, Civil Society and the Youth.