• Tuesday 18 Oct 2016
  • Spatial and Territorial Planning: Implementing the New Urban Agenda beyond City Boundaries

    Side Events
    Venue: R3
    Lead Organization:
    • The Ministry Of Housing And Urbanism Of Chile.
    Partner Organizations:
    • Cities Alliance,
    • The Ministry Of Urban Development And Housing Of Ecuador,
    • The Inter-American Development Bank,
    • The Ministry Of Housing And Human Settlements Of Costa Rica,
    • The National Department Of Planning Of Colombia.

    The Minister of Housing and Urbanism of Chile, Mrs. Paulina Saball Astaburuaga, is inviting to participate in this discussion on “Spatial and Territorial Planning: implementing the New Urban Agenda beyond city boundaries” (Ordenamiento Territorial y Planificación Espacial: implementando la Nueva Agenda Urbana más allá de los límites de las ciudades), where representatives from different countries, will present recent experiences on the formulation and implementation of national policies and strategies for territorial and spatial planning.Taking into account respective realities, governments will share policy approaches and frameworks that reassert the spatial dimension of
    development, addressing the integral and sustainable management of the territory, promoting equitable growth of regions and reinforcing links between urban, periurban, and rural areas. The dialogue and discussions will allow to identify challenges, lessons learned and action-oriented recommendations for the implementation of the New Urban Agenda beyond the boundaries of cities, focusing on the multiscale continuum of territorial planning. The Side-Event is held in collaboration with the Inter-American Development Bank, Cities Alliance and with the participation of representatives from the following institutions as panelists:
    -The Ministry of Housing and Urbanism of Chile, sharing the current experience and challenges involved in the formulation of a National Policy on Territorial Planning.
    -The Ministry of Housing and Human Settlements of Costa Rica, presenting the difficulties, challenges and opportunities of effective implementation of territorial planning in the country.
    -The Ministry of Urban Development and Housing of Ecuador, sharing their experience in territorial planning in the context of the recent approval of the Law on Territorial Planning and Land Use and Management.
    -The National Department of Planning of Colombia, sharing their experience on the implementation of Law N° 388 on Territorial Planning and a new program oriented to support local governments in the elaboration of their territorial plans.