• Wednesday 19 Oct 2016
  • Social Housing as a Driver of Sustainable Urban Development in Emerging Economies: Challenges of Housing Production

    Networking Events
    Venue: R20
    Lead Organization:
    • National Secretariat For Housing Of The Ministry Of Cities – Brazil.
    Partner Organization:
    • GIZ – Germany.

    From the understanding that social housing is crucial to guarantee the access to infrastructure and public services for all, this event aims also to approach the importance of the promotion of innovative construction practices with low environmental impact in order to helping face today’s challenges.
    This Networking Event has the following key-objectives: (1) present alternatives for intervention and technological solutions for social housing that contribute to the diminishing of environmental impacts and help on the establishment of a more sustainable urban culture; (2) analyse how policies and design development could help on the implementation of the NUA and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals’ targets, especially goal #11; (3) discuss over how housing policies can contribute to shifting sustainability standards and establishing of adequate models of intervention for emerging economies, also provoking the rethinking of institutional arrangements for the production of social housing.