• Monday 17 Oct 2016
  • Social and Solidarity Economy: a Key Sector to Implement New Urban Agenda

    Side Events
    Venue: R13
    Lead Organization:
    • The Mont-Blanc Meetings – International Forum Of Social And Solidarity Economy Entrepreneurs.
    Partner Organizations:
    • – The Global Fund For Cities Development (FMDV); – And The Intercontinental Network For The Promotion Of Social Solidarity Economy (RIPESS),
    • Costa Rica,
    • Ecuador,
    • France (2015-17 President Of The ILGSSE),
    • Luxembourg,
    • Morocco And As Observer : Quebec And Senegal United Nations Inter-Agency Task Force On SSE; – The Mont-Blanc Meetings – International Forum Of Social And Solidarity Economy Entrepreneurs (MBM/IFSSEE); – The International Co-operative Alliance (ICA); – The International Association Of Mutual Benefit Societies (AIM); – The International Association Of French-Speaking Mayors (IAFM),
    • The Side-event Is Organized On Behalf Of The French Presidency Of The International Leading Group On Social And Solidarity Economy (ILGSSE) Member States : Colombia.

    This side-event is organized on behalf of the French presidency of the International Leading Group on Social and Solidarity Economy (ILGSSE) which promotes SSE internationally and integrates it into a new development model, with a view to contributing to the achievement of the SDGs. Indeed, SSE is a core issue and one of the biggest challenges for cities to overcome a sustainable inclusive development. SSE seeks to meet social and environmental objectives above profitmaximization. It can take various forms, ranging from cooperatives, social enterprises, mutual societies and businesses or associations. These innovative and alternative forms of production, finance and consumption are growing in response to the social, economic and environmental crises and must be promoted in cities. The organizations of SSE guarantee social balance providing answers to the problems of exclusion, poverty and unemployment. They also have proven their capacity to be more resilient than traditional companies (social link within urban areas marked by inequalities; local job with no risk of being relocated). They often involve new urban business models for the New Urban Agenda based on coalition of partners. Questions about SSE in cities have been discussed at various international events: in July 2015, at Addis Abeba FFD Conference and every year since 2014, during the United Nations General Assembly namely in 2016 when a communication on the contribution of SSE to sustainable urban development has been adopted by the ILGSSE.