• Monday 17 Oct 2016
  • Sharing Good Practices in Promoting Urban Inclusion and Non-Discrimination (Open)

    Parallel Events
    Venue: Centro DeConvenciones Eugenio Espejo - Calle Sodiro S/n Y Valparaiso Esquina Gran Salon 2 Pabellon 1 Quito - 17 October 2016 From 4:00 To 6:30 Pm
    Lead Organization:
    • UNESCO And The Canadian Commission For UNESCO.
    Partner Organizations:
    • Intendencia De Montevideo,
    • Municipality Of Quito.

    UNESCO and the Canadian Commission for UNESCO, with the support of the municipalities of Quito (Ecuador) and Montevideo (Uruguay) are co-organizing the International Coalition of Inclusive and Sustainable Cities (ICCAR) panel within the context Habitat III. This panel discussion will consider the complex urban settings of the 21st century which remain a fertile terrain for unemployment, poverty and inequalities. Overpopulation within cities and peripheral urban spaces, coupled with increasing diversity resulting from migration, has resulted in the socioeconomic exclusion of populations, gaps in service delivery and serious challenges to social harmony. The primary goals of the panel will be to share good practices among mayors and city-level decision-makers, and to work collaboratively on the implementation of a New Urban Agenda. The agenda will tackle forms of discrimination—such as racial discrimination, xenophobia and intolerance—and work towards building peace and inclusivity in cities worldwide. This represents a timely and much-needed opportunity to develop a holistic and viable agenda that takes into consideration all the aspects of building peaceful and sustainable cities, including the often-neglected theme of cities embracing their diverse populations. Simultaneous interpretation will be provided n English, Spanish and French.