• Thursday 20 Oct 2016
  • Professionals and Planners: Key Actors for Implementing the New Urban Agenda

    Networking Events
    Venue: R19
    Lead Organization:
    • Habitat Professional Forum.
    Partner Organizations:
    • Habitat Professional Forum,
    • International Federation for Housing and Planning,
    • International Water Association,
    • ADP-Villes En Développement ISOCARP,
    • International Federation for Housing and Planning,
    • International Trademarks Association,
    • Global Planners Networking,
    • Union International Of Architects,
    • European Council Of Spatial Planners,
    • Eastern Regional Organization For Planning And Human Settlements Commonwealth Association Of Planners,
    • Federation Iberoamericana Urbanistas,
    • Institut D’Aménagement Et D’urbanisme D’Ile-de-France FIABCI,
    • International Federation Of Landscape Architects.

    Habitat Professional Forum plays an important role in advocacy of professionals working on cities. International networking organizations devoted to urban issues have strong messages to deliver for Habitat 3. They are representing about 6 million of professionals covering all continents and scales, from global to local. The main objectives of the event is to present how several major international networking organizations are playing a crucial role to make possible the implementation of policies and projects for the New Urban Agenda. It is also the opportunity to express the voice of planners at the global level for Post H III. Several initiatives are in preparation and professionals are key players to make possible the implementation of policies and projects. HPF and AdP-Villes en développement will present the existing framework of professional networking and 2 round tables will be held with 14 international networking organizations which are the macro regional planner organizations coming from Europe, North America, Iberoamerica, Asia, Francophony, Commonwealth and globally with HPF, ISOCARP, IFHP, INTA, GPN, EAROPH, IWA, FIABCI, UIA, EAROPH, IFLA... The debate between these networking will present large initiatives, advocate for a better mobilization of planners to support civil society, local authorities states and international organization for the implementation of the NUA. Specific message on the way to plan cities to tackle with the new urban paradigm will be delivered. A special initiative of the creation of a Global networking of urban planning agencies will also be presented. A “Task force of professionals and Planners” from HPF will be proposed as a tool to facilitate the implementation of the New Global Urban agenda for cities and territories.