• Tuesday 18 Oct 2016
  • Preserving The Historical Heritage In Urban Area

    Side Events
    Venue: R5
    Lead Organization:
    • Turkish Republic Serhat Development Agency.
    Partner Organization:
    • Turkish Republic Central Anatolia Development Agency And Turkish Republic Tigris Development Agency.

    Event includes Presentation of projects about preserving historical heritage in urban area, through visual material and demonstration of documentary about Anatolian historical roots. Event has three main parts: The first part is projects about preserving historical heritage in urban area in Kars city. Turkish Republic Serhat Development Agency is implementing two projects about preserving historical heritage. The first one is ‘Preserving the Historical Heritage in Kars City’. Its implementation has been continued. Kars is a city which has an important potential of historical structure. You can find Early Turkish, Seljuk, Ottoman, Georgian, Armenian, Russian... buildings, castles, mosques, churches, etc. The second Project is ‘Kars city with its own historical identity’. This is an EU sponsored project that is being evaluated at the moment.In the second part of the project we will describe the relationship between culture and urbanization with a short film. Sustainable cultural heritage concept is regarded in the urbanization model which would ideally provide sustainable urban development. So our aim is representing historical narratives in the urban spaces with cultural architectural video and photographs. In addition this short can be crowned with live folk music. Briefly we express that we have roots as our branches! To show this three city of region are used: Kayseri, Sivas and Yozgat.Third part is Presentation about ‘Partial Pedestrianization for Sustainable Urban Development in the Ancient City of Mardin’.