• Thursday 20 Oct 2016
  • Post-disaster Settlements: Lessons and Challenges for Sustainable Reconstruction

    Side Events
    Venue: R3
    Lead Organization:
    • Ministry Of Environment Of Ecuador.
    Partner Organizations:
    • HDM Lund University,
    • Lund,
    • Sweden; FUSAI.

    The Ministry of the Environment of Ecuador has requested international partners from the PROMESHA network to contribute with their experience to the discussion on post-disaster settlements reconstruction in Ecuador. The Side Event includes presentations of research and post-disaster reconstruction projects including a follow up on Sida’s Development Research Conference-Stockholm 2016; and experiences from El Salvador and the Philippines. The aim is to generate discussion on: a) lessons from post-disaster settlements reconstruction from other contexts that could be applied in settlement reconstruction in Ecuador; b) the challenges of linking post-disaster housing reconstruction and sustainable urban development; c) post-disaster housing solutions for areas affected by the Ecuadorian earthquake; and d) the need for capacity building in Ecuador regarding incremental and participatory post-disaster housing and planning of sustainable human settlements.